Interview With MAGNUM Sponsored Fitness Athlete Marie Robertson

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What gyms do you train out of? Goodlife Fitness Competition History (most notable) 2014- CBBF Nationals 2nd place -bikini 2012- CBBF Nationals 5th place -figure 2012- CBBF World Qualifier 1st place –Figure Physical Stats including height (off season/competitively) Natural season weight: 118lbs Competition weight: 113 lbs Age: 30 Horoscope Sign: Virgo Occupation Personal Trainer/ Nutrition Coach Are you Sponsored/endorsed? Magnum Neutracuticals What was it that got you into competing? I compete to inspire others to be their absolute best, and I love the challenge of changing and shaping my body from show to show. I want to be the best … Read more

Urban Tactics Krav Maga


You won’t be getting a fancy belt at the end of the month simply for showing up. You won’t be learning any katas. You will, however, get some new bruises. You’ll scuff your knuckles and skin your knees. Your body and mind will harden, and on top of increased physical capacity, you’ll be confident, and you’ll be safe. Krav Maga is not a Martial Art. At Urban Tactics, you’ll receive instruction in one of the world’s most effective forms of personal self defense, as well as military and police tactics. Perhaps most of all, you’ll learn about a different level … Read more

2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: Premium luxury sedan invigorates

2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

With a redesign from last year, the 2014 Lincoln MKZ is a midsize luxury premium sedan that carries over largely unchanged for the new model year. The sleek, modern body still looks good with its distinctive signature split-winged grille, graceful C-pillars, and fashionable high decklid with an integrated spoiler. It looks tightly styled and the full-width LED taillight panel and rear diffuser with four square tail exhaust outlets finish off an attractive, handsome car. The 2014 Lincoln offers a very good engine choice, namely three to be exact: a turbocharged four-cylinder, an optional V6 and a hybrid powertrain in the … Read more

Triumph return of island fighter Gabriel Varga


  Victoria resident and fighter Gabriel Varga just returned home, after a triumphant performance at Glory World Series 17 in Los Angeles. The L.A. forum was packed and the event which was televised live on Spike TV was a huge success. Gabriel fought in the contender tournament where he had to fight twice in the same evening to capture the honor. This victory has earned Gabriel a shot at the Glory World Series title before the end of the year. Gabriel currently holds the WKF and WKN Professional World titles. The Glory World Series title is the big brass ring … Read more

2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid Platinum Edition: Sleek and sophisticated

2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid Offers 26 MPG Combined Fuel Economy and 526-Mile Driving Range - With No Compromise of Performance or Interior Roominess

For 2014 the Nissan Pathfinder returns with a more svelte body and the option of front-wheel-drive. And you can forget about the Pathfinder being a boxy, rugged looking off- roader. The new Pathfinder is totally different, with unibody construction and a sleek, curvy style with body colored front and rear fascias. For 2014, Nissan has also added a new hybrid option for its Pathfinder, using an all-new powertrain that is also shared with the CUV’s Infiniti-badged QX60. Aside from the power plant, the Hybrid Pathfinder we tested looks identical to the non-hybrid sibling with only unique redesigned LED tail lamps … Read more



  From 1997 until now, FKP MMA has journeyed through three locations and as many names while establishing itself as one of the country’s most respected MMA training facilities.  But during recent years, while hosting ever-increasing numbers of martial arts champions and recreational trainers, FKP had begun to show its age by taking on a slightly threadbare appearance.   “That was a particularly sore spot for me,” says FKP MMA founder/head instructor Chris Franco.  “I had renovations planned for six or seven years ago, but just as I was about to start, it came to light that the building that … Read more

KÀ – Cirque du Soleil: Live More Than A Little


One of the things I wanted to do on our recent trip to Las Vegas was to watch KÀ Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand. We went to Vegas with friends and family and I was looking forward to getting away for an evening with my husband and have a date night at one of the most popular shows on the strip. It would have been nice for our group to go together but aside from gambling together and hitting as many buffets as possible together, it was the perfect opportunity to sneak away from our vacation. I would … Read more

UFC 174


It seems that the Ultimate Fighting Championship can’t come to Vancouver without having to overcome a few obstacles.  In 2010, UFC 115 was nearly scuttled by the machinations of a hostile city council; in 2011 UFC 131 went head-to-head with the Vancouver Canucks’ Stanley Cup playoff run; and then last month, UFC 174 faced widespread talk of fan apathy during the weeks leading up to the June 14th event. But in spite of all the doomsaying, the UFC’s third visit to Vancouver packed over 13 000 vociferous fans into Rogers Arena’s cavernous confines, offering its share of exciting Octagon action … Read more

Carmine’s Las Vegas: Best Family Style Restaurant

carmines Country style rigatoni 2

When writing a restaurant review, I usually worry about the end result of my articles because I don’t want to offend a business, if I don’t like it. Always considering the readers and what I would like to share with them, this particular dining experience is coming from a very personal joy. I decided early on, not to let my high expectations get in the way of getting back to the basics of eating out. Traditionally, I still believe it should be considered a special occasion. Nowadays, it seems like most of us hunt on a full stomach and waste … Read more

Kickboxing Conditioning at FKP MMA


So you’ve decided to get fit — or fitter — and you’re looking for a local program that will allow you to get in top shape while having fun in the process.  An admirable decision, but a more difficult one to follow through on than you might at first suspect. From Crossfit to Bikram’s, from Pilates to Zumba, you are inundated with a plethora of choices that can sometimes make your quest for fitness more confusing than it needs to be. With that in mind, it’s best to avoid current fads that haven’t yet withstood the test of time and … Read more

Demers Sisters: FKP MMA’S One-Two Punch


          One of the hallmarks of Vancouver’s FKP MMA Academy is its highly-renowned children’s program, which is geared toward building fitness, character and self-defense skills in its roughly 150 members.  But while some are content to reap the program’s benefits within the comfortable confines of the FKP academy, an increasing number of members and matured graduates of the program have been taking their skills into the competitive arena. A prime example of this came in Richmond, BC recently, at the 35th Annual West Coast Can-Am Championships, where the sister act of Erica and Maria Demers collectively … Read more