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BEST OF THE BEST IN LAS VEGAS By Agent Turbo     Set up overlooking the Vegas strip, Lavo is a charming and luxurious, 300 seat restaurant offering the best of Italian culinary cuisine. If you want to enjoy a meal in the warm outdoor air, you can opt to dine in their 100 seat outdoor terrace or for a more private gathering; LAVO can put your group in a 20 seat private dining room. Chef Ralph Scamardella brought his savvy Italian cooking roots from Brooklyn New York to Las Vegas and has received resounding praise from LAVO’s restaurant guests. … Read more


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BEST OF THE BEST IN LAS VEGAS By AGENT TURBO Who doesn’t get excited about a short getaway or a well-deserved vacation to Las Vegas? Once you’re done packing your most impressive outfits for the night outs in sin city, you don’t have to gamble where you’re going to have fun because F.I.L.E.S. News is going to take you in the right direction. There are great nightclubs to go to in Las Vegas but only a few stands out in reputation and experience. One of the reasons why some clubs are so amazing is the way they service excellence from … Read more

Interview with DJ MIKAS


1. How long have you been dj-ing? My interest in dance music started when I was 16, listening to groups like Snap, KLF, 2 Unlimited and such. Back then I was going into bars and I really felt something for the whole club scene and the music. A few years later I started buying Vinyls and I eventually got some gigs in 1995, playing a mix of Detroit techno and UK house all in Import vinyl of course. There has been periods where i concentrated a lot more on Music production in the Early 2000′s, so i did not play … Read more

DJ Interview With JAY ZONEY

jay zoney

1.     Can you tell us what you’re planning to bring to Sexy Fridays and what you want people to experience at Status? I’ll be bringing 18 years of dj-ing experience; sick beats, and sexy grooves! I want people to experience positive vibes, and love!   2.     How and why did you get on board with dj-ing for Sexy Fridays? I was approached by long-time friend and owner of F.I.L.E.S. newspaper, Robert Yun.   3.     What other dj-ing gigs have you done? I’ve dj’d in Berlin Germany @ Tresor, and Sky Club. I’ve played countless parties in Vancouver, and on Vancouver Island. I was one of the … Read more

F.i.l.e.s. News: Lafflines Comedy Club – It’s No Joke


When considering a night on the town, there are unlimited amounts of options that a person can decide between:  restaurants, pubs, night clubs, movies, casinos, concerts and sporting events. Yet one of the most fun and entertaining things someone can do is go to a comedy club. Unfortunately, comedy clubs are not as common as they should be. In the past month, the F.i.l.e.s. team spent a couple of nights at Lafflines and this comedy club should be at the top of everyone’s list for a great evening out.     Lafflines is great entertainment value for a reasonable price. … Read more


fever SAV

Nightclub Nightlife Manager of the Year     Congrats on winning the nightlife manager of the year award by club vibes 2 years in a row. What kind of deal was that for you?      To me it means a lot to have won the Vancouver nightlife award Manager of the year twice in row because I know that I’m still giving people what they want and they appreciate it.  What has been the best changes or progressions that Fever Niteclub have undergone since you took ownership?     The best progress is that we’re always moving forward and meeting the demands … Read more


Tao Longbar

One of New York’s most successful and popular restaurants opened in Las Vegas at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in 2005. In only six short years Tao has become a bucket list in Vegas and is now required dining for anyone traveling to Vegas.  When you enter Tao, the first thing that strikes you is their design and décor, which is as original as it is captivating. The entrance hallway is flanked with granite basins filled with rose petals and illuminated by candlelight. The lounge and dining area is a stunning multi-level, Asian inspired aesthetic that features luxuriant velvets and … Read more

F.i.l.e.s. News VEGAS Vacation Must See: Lavo Nightclub

Holly Madison at Lavo Nightclub

Article by F.I.L.E.S. Coverage Snipers, Robert Yun and Jonathan Hambly Lavo is a relative newcomer to Las Vegas but it comes from a superlative pedigree. The visionary genius’ behind the immensely successful and wildly popular Tao Asian Bistro and Nightclub, designed and created Lavo Restaurant and Nightclub at the Palazzo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Although Lavo has only been open for less than three years, it is already established itself as the place to be, when in Vegas. Lavo is designed like Tao with a restaurant and lounge attached to the nightclub but this is where the similarities … Read more

F.i.l.e.s. News Nightlife Feature: Gossip Nightclub


Recently, as we often do, the F.i.l.e.s. team went out on the town. Where did we go?  One of our favourite places to party and, by the looks of it, one of the city’s favourite places to let loose: Gossip Nightclub.             If you’re going out for a night on the town, why would you go to Gossip?  The answer is simple: space. Gossip is huge; it has to be one of the largest clubs in the whole city. This gives Gossip several advantages. The dance floor is gigantic, which means that even when the club is packed, there is … Read more

F.i.l.e.s. Night Life News:


Vancouver Nightlife Awards Has the Fever Mission possible back to back Manager of the Year Awards: Fever Nightclub is nominated for multiple awards at the 2011 installment of the Vancouver Nightlife Awards, including the prestigious and important Manager of the Year Award, Bartender of the Year, and Server of the Year.              The Vancouver Nightlife Awards are the longest running and most prestigious nightlife awards in Vancouver. This year marks the 8th year of the Awards started by in order to give the nightlife-lovers of Vancouver the opportunity to vote for all things nightlife,  including Nightclub of the Year, … Read more



It wasn’t long ago that I submitted to this very magazine a glowing review of New Westminster’s FEVER nightclub, and now it appears that I’m not the only one who’s impressed with the popular nightspot and its business-savvy owner, Saverio Loria. For the third year in a row, Saverio has been nominated for’s prestigious NightLife award for Club Manager of the Year, and he’s hoping that this will be his second year in a row at the top of the heap.   “It’s a tremendous honour just to be nominated,” says Saverio.  “This is an award that’s determined not … Read more