EON and F.I.L.E.S. join forces with AMANDA TODD LEGACY by Dwight Braxton

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    Awareness. It’s a word we see often in relation to various problems — disease, violence, homelessness, illiteracy, etc, etc, etc. But a crucial fact that many, perhaps most, seem to overlook is that awareness in and of itself is worth nothing.  A word that should be a call to arms has instead become a lazy person’s buzzword, a way of feeling like one is doing something without doing anything at all. The only kind of awareness that is worth a damn is the kind that is followed by direct, positive action — and no one has embraced that … Read more


Magnum Primer elements

  June 07, 2013 (Surrey, BC) – Magnum Nutraceuticals Inc.® has launched the highly anticipated World’s 1st 100% Encapsulated Multi-Nutrient Performance Pack, Magnum Primer®.   Whatever you want to build in the gym, Magnum Primer® is your foundation. Without it you can’t build as much muscle, burn as much fat, or train with as much intensity. Why? Because Primer nourishes your body at the most basic level: the cell. There are between 50 and 75 trillion cells in your body. Each type of cell has its own lifespan – some last seconds; others, an entire lifetime.  The nutrients you supply … Read more

MyoEnhancer by EON

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  MyoEnhancer’s cutting-edge formula takes the guesswork out of choosing a post-workout supplement to maximize your training results.  Getting the right high-quality protein at the correct time is critical, and that’s why100% Organic Whey Protein forms the base of this formula and provides 18g of protein per serving. Branched Chain Amino Acids in their usable form, add to the muscle building effect, and Medium ChainTriglycerides provide a post-exercise energy source.  Added Glutamine and Microflora combat the immunosupression that comes with intense training.*     What MyoEnhancer can do for you? Maximize protein synthesis after exercise to increase your lean muscle mass* … Read more



  Mention pole dancing and many people immediately think of table dances, gaudy neon and “making it rain”.  But that’s an image that Jessica Lyn of AVA Fitness (formerly Polenastics Dance & Fitness) is doing a great job of dispelling as she introduces increasing numbers of students to the concept of pole dancing for fitness and competition.   As one of the uneducated masses, I wondered “What exactly IS pole dancing in its non-‘exotic’ form?”, and looked for the answer at an intermediate/advanced class in AVA’s New Westminster location.   As explained to me by Lyn, pole dancing actually has … Read more

NEW ATHLETE BIO 2013 – Steely Springham


  Steely Springham is a personal trainer, a competition posing prep coach, a lifestyle and nutrition consultant and Figure Athlete. Steely is the most tenacious, hard-working and dedicated person you will ever meet. To those who are closest to her, Steely loves life and is always a joy to be around. A down to earth, girl next door, who possesses a positive infectious energy and just happens to have a chiseled physique. That however was not by chance nor was it luck.   This 8-time winning National Level Canadian Figure Athlete was not always the strong, hard bodied statuesque, poised … Read more



BY PAUL “THE MAULER” LAZENBY   On May 12th, only weeks after legendary world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield visited the FKP MMA academy, the front-running school joined with Bad Boy clothing to present a members-only seminar with UFC contender and 5-time Brazilian Jiu-jitsu world champion Demian Maia. The seminar was part of a short western-Canadian jaunt by Maia and his manager Eduardo Alonso, with its sole BC stop being at FKP MMA’s East Vancouver location. The fast-climbing welterweight’s second visit to our city (in 2011 he battled Mark Munoz in Rogers Arena) inspired praise from the Brazilian battler. “I … Read more


Magnum - Opus - 10x7

  Magnum’s #1 selling product! Not only is it the first product in the world you will FEEL before the cup leaves your lips, the mixing itself is a wild experience!! When the light pink powder hits water, it turns a crazy vibrant GREEN and bubbles up!  MAGNUM OPUS® IS FOR: Anyone who uses weights in their training Any athlete Anyone looking for lean muscle growth Anyone looking for fat loss Anyone in high-intensity or contact sports  MAGNUM OPUS® WILL: Fire up your cells to work – but is stimulant free!  (You will feel an incredible buzz) Build lean muscle Allow athletes to train longer and … Read more



  New Body™ is an extreme thermogenic fat burning formula that helps control your appetite, and gives you energy and focus. New Body is a breakthrough in weight loss technology it uses the most recent scientific discoveries and best researched pharmaceutical grade nutrients and herbal extracts to help you safely and effectively reach your ideal weight. Benefits: Advanced Fat Burning Formula Intense Thermogenic Power that Helps Burn Body Fat into Energy Boosts Energy & Mental Focus Infused with Green Tea, powerful antioxidant support NUTRITIVE SUPPORT: Instead of looking to “energy” drinks for a boost, you can count on NEW BODY™ … Read more



  Joint Recovery™ is a potent pain relief formula that quickly reduces pain and inflammation in joints while strengthening and repairing cartilage, synovial fluid and connective tissue. Joint Recovery™ is a total body recovery solution for people seeking relief from joint pain, inflammation, injury, surgery and over training. Our formula works synergistically with your body to actively improve joint function. Benefits: Potent Pain Relief Formula Supports Healthy Joints and Range of Motion Protects Against Joint Deterioration Builds Healthy Cartilage Contains High Potency Ingredients HOW DOES JOINT RECOVERY™REDUCE PAIN & INFLAMMATION? MSM (Methylsulfonymethane) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound. Clinical studies … Read more

Good to Great: The View from the Plateau


By WILL TURNER Welcome to Plateau-ville, population: Me. If you asked me how things were going a week ago, I would have replied: “phenomenal.” I was in the gym almost every day,eating fruits, vegetables and lean meats like a champ. Over the course of the last few weeks, we had some great programming, and some truly humbling workouts, the highlight of which included the following:   Five rounds of:  500m Stationary Row 50 Double-Unders 30 wall-balls (20lbs medicine ball thrown to 10m height).   It sounds simple, doesn’t it?  It took me the better part of a half an hour, … Read more