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top 10 things to tell your women

Top 10 Things To Tell Your Woman

There are millions of things that a guy can say to a woman that will get him killed. Not saying certain things is not that difficult, but requires a certain level of concentration and effort.

The key to a successful relationship, however, is saying the things that will win points from the get-go. Yes, some of you may find this to be slightly Machiavellian, but hey, no one ever said that relationships were a walk in the park.


Number 10 The truth

This is actually number 1, but I chose to begin the list with “honesty and truth,” so that you read the following 9 tips while keeping in mind that whatever you do, lying will get you nowhere. No one ever said that you should be 100% truthful and divulge irrelevant details, but lying or twisting the truth is a bad omen in any relationship.


Number 9 Comment on her mind

Heather Locklear recently said that she liked plastic surgery because it ensured that her man would always compliment her body and face instead of having to resort to complimenting her sense of humor, intelligence and personality. I can accept this — well, sort of — but the quality women in the world will prefer that you also like them for something more long-lasting and deeper than their appearance.

Number 8 You look great, have you been working out?

Again, do not lie. If she is adding on the pounds sooner than you can say “Big Mac,” then avoid this topic altogether. But if she is making an effort to go to the gym, eat healthy, and is eager to show improvement, then make sure to drop a compliment or two her way; nothing speaks louder than positive reinforcement.

Number 7 You make me melt

Women like to feel irresistible, and like to believe that they know your ins and outs. Always being rigid, cold or aloof will only alienate your girl. Conversely, spilling your guts to her will make her nauseous, so find a middle ground and think of creative ways to express that she makes your heart beat faster.

Number 6 Care to travel?

Men dream of traveling girlfriend-free with their friends — men know this, women fear this. Occasionally, we become possessed enough to wish to sojourn with our lovers, and nothing will make your girl happier than to know this. So tell her that you’d love to get away with her, but whatever you do, do not break your word, or else she’ll break you.

Number 5 Behind every great man, there is a great woman

While this specific sentence may make some dizzy, the message of the phrase is key. So many men are busy doing their own thing that they forget that their partner is surely partly responsible for their happiness and success as well. So don’t be shy, and let her know that you appreciate her.

Number 4 I am doing this for myself

Although some women may like that you have changed for them, the smart ones understand that this change — whatever it may be — will only be temporary. Imagine having a deep laceration and applying only a Band-Aid… okay, lame analogy, but the parallel is that a true improvement comes from the inside and is the result of one’s own conviction, rather than changing solely for someone else.

Number 3 I disagree with you

Whoa! Did I say that, hon? Jokes aside, if you want to be a yes-man (if there even is such a word), then you might as well call yourself a woman. Why start a relationship by simply following your woman like a sheep? Be a man and show her that you really respect her by having your own mind.

Number 2 What would you like?

The days of telling women what they like, what they should like, and how they will take it are long g-o-n-e. And thank God. What this means is that communication is key. I am not implying that you take orders and listen to your woman deafly; I am merely suggesting that men need to ask more questions and listen to women more attentively in order to become better boyfriends, lovers, husbands, and fathers.

Number 1 You know what I like…

Being selfish may not be good, but stating what makes you happy is. You only live once and if you really want to be content with life, then why not tell the woman you love what makes you happy? I guarantee that even if she does not deliver on your request, it will only make for a better long-term relationship.


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